Validity of your ISPO CARD

Your ISPO CARD is valid for one year. Visit up to 5 different trade shows and every ISPO show (ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BEIJING) once within a year and enjoy many different additional benefits.

Am I eligible to purchase an ISPO CARD?

Every ISPO trade show visitor is eligible to purchase an ISPO CARD. Detailed criteria on the circle of eligible industry professionals can be found here.

Where can I get the ISPO CARD?

You can order your ISPO CARD online or purchase it on site at any ticket counter.

What payment methods are accepted for ISPO CARD purchase?

For security reasons ISPO CARD online purchases are only possible by credit card. If you do not have a credit card or would prefer to use another payment method, please purchase your ISPO CARD at every ticket counter on site.

What benefits will I receive with ISPO CARD?

Save time! No registration required, no waiting on line at the event.

Save money! Includes many exclusive services and discounts (complimentary snacks and drinks in the VIP Lounge, Internet access, public transportation, shuttle bus, etc.)

Less organizational effort! Register once and gain direct access to 7 trade shows.

Relax! Peaceful and comfortable resting area in the VIP Lounge.

Once I have ordered my ISPO CARD, when and how will I receive it?

After you have ordered your personal ISPO CARD it will be printed quickly and sent to you via the postal service. Orders received only a short time before trade show opening can not be mailed, and will be available for pick-up at the ISPO CARD Service Counter at West Entrance.

Order deadlines are as follows:.

Orders from Germany: January 16, 2017

Global orders: January 16, 2017

What should I do if my ISPO CARD does not arrive in time?

In case you don´t arrive at the entrance west, you present this order confirmation and an ID at the registration management at the entrance east or entrance north and you will receive a temporary entrance card.

Temporary entrance card:
Please note that your temporary entrance card is only valid for picking up your ISPO CARD at the ISPO CARD Service Counter at the entrance West. A re-entry is not permitted.

What happens if I lose or forget to bring my ISPO CARD?

If you lose your ISPO CARD please contact us immediately. We will then invalidate your old ISPO CARD and issue a new ISPO CARD which will be mailed to you. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a 25 EUR replacement fee.

If you forget to bring your ISPO CARD to a trade show in Munich, please go to the ISPO CARD Service Counter at the West Entrance. The service personnel will check whether you are the owner of a valid ISPO CARD and will provide you with a ticket to the event. Please note, that without the physical ISPO CARD you will be unable to take advantage of any discounts or vouchers.

Is an ISPO CARD transferable?

No. Your ISPO CARD is personalized and can only be used by you. Our partners have been advised to ask for official identification in addition to verify the ISPO CARD.

How long is my ISPO CARD valid?

Once you have ordered your ISPO CARD it will be valid for three consecutive ISPO trade shows. Eligible ISPO trade shows include ISPO MUNICH, ISPO BEIJING and ISPO SHANGHAI. The booklet of vouchers is valid for one calendar year as shown. For more information please refer to our official terms and conditions.

Am I required to register for the trade shows?

If you have an ISPO CARD you no longer have to register before the trade show. You can use your ISPO CARD to access the trade show directly by passing through the turnstiles.

How do I redeem the ISPO CARD discounts?

If you wish to redeem a discount or voucher, simply show your ISPO CARD, and remove the discount coupon or voucher from the voucher booklet and present it to the appropriate partner. Please note that our partners have been advised to ask for official identification for security reasons.

Where are the shuttle bus stops at the airport?

The airport shuttle bus stops are located directly in front on Terminal 1, Area 1 (00 and 30) and Z (Central Area), and Terminal 2. The shuttle bus stops are clearly identified. The shuttle bus will take you from the airport directly to the New Munich Trade Fair.

For more information please refer to: www.messe-muenchen.de

How do I use the MVV in Munich?

Simply show your valid ISPO CARD. The use of Munich’s public transportation system is free for ISPO CARD holders.

How can I get a parking discount at the exhibit center?

Discounted parking passes are available at the ISPO CARD Service Counter. Simply insert the pass into the parking automat after your ticket and pay the discounted price.

Do ISPO CARD discounts and partners change?

We do our best to keep discounts and vouchers for the trade fair center valid as long as possible. However, small changes may occur. Such changes are printed in the quarterly ISPO CARD newsletters which are sent to ISPO CARD holders, and are also noted at www.card.ispo.com.

Discounts and vouchers for benefits in Munich and environs may change slightly every year. We strive to offer discounts for accommodations, gastronomy and leisure time activities every year; however, the partners may vary. The final partners and benefits will be listed at the ISPO CARD website www.ispo.com/card and in the ISPO CARD voucher booklet.

How can I become an ISPO CARD partner?

Are you the owner of a hotel, restaurant, bar or recreational facility in Munich and environs and want to become an ISPO CARD partner?
Please contact wuensch@ispo.com, +49 89 949-20148.

Who is my contact if I have any questions concerning ISPO CARD?

ISPO CARD holders and those interested in ISPO CARD please call the VIP Hotline at +49 89 949-11388


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